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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Wicount 1st birthday FREE-count offer with Global Wrapps! (Valued at R70)

Social Buying Power, a concept derived from the B2B market place where smaller companies collectively buy together to get bulk buying discounts with their suppliers and compete with the national chain stores.

Now very cleverly WiCount has brought this concept to the individual/home buyer by way of collective buying, gathering masses of people to collectively buy together.

Today's deal (15/03/2011) on WiCounts 1st Birthday, they are giving away free R70 meal @ Global Wrapps, other deals like half price specials on Spa's, Restaurants and Tour packages (but not limited too) are to be found

The Fine Print for Today's Deal:

Enjoy the FREE meal and pass on the good word.
Click Here for the deal

Use this discount code: Demetri-f8 when you make a purchase, you’ll get 20% more off that first purchase!

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