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Friday, 10 June 2011

Google Custom Search Engine: Hardware Reviews

BC-News-Reviews has updated its Google Custom Search Engines (CSE).

The first one is Hardware Reviews which incorporates more than 80 review websites around the net, and is featured on the frontpage of buycomputers.co.za .

The second CSE is named SA Computer Online Stores and searches more than 40 IT Hardware & Software websites in South African.

You can also add these CSE's to your iGoogle page for quick access to reviews and stockists of IT products, otherwise just bookmark them.

Here they are:
Hardware Reviews
SA Computer Online Stores

Happy Custom Searching

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Secure Deletion of deleted items

Had to help out a client this week who had borrowed a laptop and needed to make sure that his sensitive files where not recoverable, you know by those very handy undelete tools such as Recuva or NTFS Undelete. Well after much research I found out that ccleaner had the functionality built-in, but I was not over the moon about its performance so I kept looking until I found SDelete v1.51 , a free Microsoft Technet System Internals utility by Mark Russinovich.

But before you do anything remember to do a Windows Disk Cleanup and remove your Restore Points, and use ccleaner to remove all the temp files and cookies.

This simple command line utility, all 47kb of it, was probably the 3rd utility from this suite of powerful tools that I have successfully used before. SDelete (Secure Delete) implements the Department of Defence clearing and sanitising standard DOD 5220.22-M, to give you confidence that once it is deleted it is gone forever.

Using SDelete:

Usage: sdelete [-p passes] [-s] [-q]
sdelete [-p passes] [-z|-c] [drive letter]
-cZero free space (good for virtual disk optimization).
-p passesSpecifies number of overwrite passes.
-sRecurse subdirectories.
-qDon't print errors (quiet).
-zCleanse free space.

After some more research I decided to use to use the following script: sdelete -p 3 -z c:
(This is done from a DOS Command Prompt)
Remember to reference the path or just copy it to your Windows System32 folder.

This option does 3 passes of cleansing the free space on your hard drive. Give it a try and let me know if you have any improvements in hard drive performance.


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Wicount 1st birthday FREE-count offer with Global Wrapps! (Valued at R70)

Social Buying Power, a concept derived from the B2B market place where smaller companies collectively buy together to get bulk buying discounts with their suppliers and compete with the national chain stores.

Now very cleverly WiCount has brought this concept to the individual/home buyer by way of collective buying, gathering masses of people to collectively buy together.

Today's deal (15/03/2011) on WiCounts 1st Birthday, they are giving away free R70 meal @ Global Wrapps, other deals like half price specials on Spa's, Restaurants and Tour packages (but not limited too) are to be found

The Fine Print for Today's Deal:

Enjoy the FREE meal and pass on the good word.
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