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Thursday, 29 April 2010

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Thursday, 08 April 2010

Convert your Flash Drive to a Hard Drive

Follow these quick and simple steps and you will be able to use your USB Flash Drive as a Hard Drive.

→ Open your Command Prompt (Start > Run > cmd)
→ Type in the following command "C:/windows/system32/diskpart"
→ You must now type in "C:/DISKPART> List Disk" to view the list of drives.
→ You must now select the Disk Type, for example: "C:/DISKPART>select disk 3"
→ It will then notify you that the disk is selected.
→ You must now create the Partition Type.
→ Type the following: "C:/DISKPART>Create Partition Primary"
→ If it gives an error then Type "clean" and then do the previous step again.
→ Once done, type "C:/DISKPART>Active"
→ Then "C:/DISKPART>Format fs=Fat32 quick"
→ It will then notify you that it is 100% complete.
→ Now assign a drive letter, type: "C:/DISKPART>Assign"
→ Then when you are complete, type "C:/DISKPART>Exit"