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Thursday, 03 December 2009

Why Does Your PC Slow Down?

As your computer ages, it can begin to slow down and even start crashing. There are many factors that can contribute to this. Your Windows registry may be corrupt, your system may have too much junk files, your hard drive may be full, or maybe your PC just requires more RAM. Your case may be filled with dust, and your fans aren't performing as they should be be. This can slow down your processor and the rest of your PC. Your PC problems could be related to just about anything, improving the performance can be an easy job even for novice computer users.

If you are getting errors or your system is crashing, it is likely to be a problem in your registry. The registry can become corrupted very easily without you even knowing about it. You can download CCleaner (Download) . Then once you have installed and opened it, on the left hand side of the application, select Registry and the click on Scan for Issues. It will then generate a list of problems that are in your registry, when it is complete, click on Fix Selected Issues. Once this is complete, your registry will be clean!

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