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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Stay Connected With Your Family Online

It's so easy to connect with your family over the internet. You shouldn't limit your communication with only e-mail. You can make your own family network, organise family lunches and hear all the latest news from your family over the internet. Many families keep in contact through the popular networking site, Facebook. Unfortunately it doesn't offer much privacy for family affairs. You can create a private site, like facebook, post photos, leave messages etc. And you can make this completely private, preventing unwanted people reading up on your family business. There are numerous sites that will help you create a family network, one of the most popular is MyFamily.com. The free service is for creating family networks. A paid version removes ads and provides more storage. Best of all your site you create will be private, only users you invite may join.
You can also create a networking with Ning.com. Ning isn't limited to families, anyone can create a network. But you can make this network private, invite only. Plan get-togethers Your family does not live online. Plan family get-togethers, or maybe your just want to plan a christmas celebration. MyPunchBowl.com is a great website used for planning get-togethers. You can make invitations, and then manage the RSVPs. AirSet.com is a good website that has a bit of everything in it. Calendars that can help you keep track of important dates, share photos and videos. It's useful to keep reminders, or use it to plan a family reunion. When signing up with AirSet you have choices of what your network will be used for - Business, Family, School or Community. Your data will be completely private. This is free, although there is a paid version which provides you with additional storage. Make sure you select the Family option, otherwise you will be overwhelmed with options.