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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Mail Merge with Word 2007

Mail merge is a function in Word that allows you to write a letter to multiple users from a single template. You will require a spreadsheet which has the essential columns for the letter you will be writing (i.e. First Name, Surname, E-mail etc.), if you do not have this you will be able to create on in Word.

How to do a Mail Merge in 5 Simple Steps:

Open a blank Word document.

Click on the Mailings tab on the top of the page, then click on Select Recipients and select Use Existing List and then browse for your spreadsheet, then select which sheet your data is on. (If you do not have a spreadsheet, choose the Type New List option).

Start writing your letter, and when your require to add a name/number from your spreadsheet, click on the Insert Merge Field. For example, if you started by saying "Hello Name Surname", you should see it as Hello «First_Name» «Surname».

Once you have finished the letter, click on Preview Results to see what it looks like. You can also click on the arrow on the top right to view the other letters.

Once you are completely finished and you want to print/email the letter, click on Finish & Merge and it will give you the option to print or email it. If you choose email, make sure the To box is set to E-Mail.

Video Tutorial:

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