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Thursday, 22 October 2009

50GB ADSL Bandwidth @ R999pm
25GB ADSL Bandwidth @ R699pm
Unshaped International Fibre Line (Seacom)
No Throttling, No 10 Day Rolling Average
Just Pure Untouched Bandwidth 24/7
Suitable for 384/512/4096k ADSL Lines
Terms and Conditions Apply
Apply here
This is an exclusive offer to BuyComputers.co.za customers

Optional Add-Ons:
NightRider: Cost @ R25pm
Whatever you use in nightrider time counts 1/5th towards your cap. Nightrider is between 1am and 7.59am. It is best shown by a worked example. Let say you download 20Gigs, 10Gigs between 8am and 12.59 am and 10Gig between 1am and 7.59am (NightRider) the Total Usage towards your Cap would be 12Gigs.

Gigibank: Cost @ R59pm
Gigibank allows you an Unlimited Carryover on your unused bandwidth

Cybersmart Bandwidth Guarentee:
Any Bandwidth Lost due to Fraud will be recovered to your account.

In order to qualify for this exciting offer, there are two prerequisites:

That you are a customer who has bought from Buycomputers.co.za in the past month. If you have not bought from us in this time, a minimum order of R100 is required.
That you change both your ADSL account and Telkom ADSL line rental to Cybersmart internet service provider

If you have an existing ADSL account with another service provider, please follow this link:

then migrate the ADSL line from Telkom to Cybersmart


If you currently do not have an ADSL line:

Fill out one of the One Price options on www.cybersmart.co.za according to the line speed that you want

Once you have followed these steps, we will provide you with an email address where you will supply your Cybersmart account details, and ask to be switched to the 50GB account offered by Buycomputers.co.za. Please ensure that you cc us on this email. We will then supply Cybersmart with a copy of your invoice and your account will be upgraded.

In reply to certain frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Unlimited concurrent connections are allowed through a single NAS Port ID & Exchange (Locked- One Location at a time).

Any ADSL2 modem is usable on this account. Trend Chipset ADSL Modems have the best Quality results, ie. Netgear , African Axis, etc.

The service provider does not limit the account at any time during the day, although more volume is experienced from 12:00 to 17:00.

The service provider reserves the right to migrate the account to another cable if the Seacom line becomes saturated.

Q.) Can I still use another ISP’s cap?
A.) We do not monitor whether you use other ISPs or not, this restriction is in our terms and conditions specifically for support purposes. Our DNS settings will not work with some ISP's such as Openweb for instance.If you can get it working then go for it, but we will not be able to support you so that you can get it working or fix it if it breaks.

Q.) Once CAP is reached can they still access their Cybersmart Webmail via their CAPPED Account?
A.) Yes, you can still access your Cybersmart Webmail.

Q.) Can I top up my ADSL Account once my CAP is reached?
A.) Yes, you can TopUp as normal.

Cybersmart : Summary of Restrictions/Limitations

Payment is by debit order only. The debit order will be processed on the first working day of every month.

2. You are required to give one months notice in writing when cancelling.

3. You may only use the account at one location - you may not use the same account at your home and at your office or at your friend's premises, but you may connect as many computers as you wish at your own premises.

4. You can only use one account at the same location- if we detect multiple accounts connecting from the same place, all subsequent accounts will be treated as top ups and you will be charged the top up rate.

5. You are required to use the @cybersmart.co.za email address that comes free with your ADSL account

6. If you overshoot your 3Gig Cap by manipulating the session timeout, the Gigs that you used, but did not pay for will be subtracted from your following months cap.

7. If you subscribe to our ADSL service, you are required to cancel any other ADSL service you may have with any other ISP.

8. If you make a mistake and say that you have a 192Kb service installed but you in fact have a 512Kb circuit installed, don't worry, you need not phone in and tell us, our system will detect it and your price will be adjusted to the price advertised for the correct circuit speed.

9. If you have applied for the One Price ADSL package you will be paying the R275.00 once off setup fee which includes a FREE non-wireless ADSL router ,pots filter and the courier fee.

10. In the event of you having received a free or discounted adsl router as part of your package , should you terminate the contract within 12 months you will be required to pay the full purchase price of the router or return it to Cybersmart with all it's contents.

11. In order to subscribe for an ADSL circuit you must have an account based analogue telephone line. It must not be a pre-paid line and it cannot be an ISDN line. If you need assistance in converting the line please email us at info@cybersmart.co.za

While Buycomputers.co.za is offering this exclusive promotion, Cybersmart is the service provider, and all billing and service related calls will be handled by them.

About Seacom
Seacom operates a submarine fibre-optical cables linking South and East Africa, Europe and East Asia. The 17000km route links South Africa to India and Europe using landing points in Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Djibouti and Egypt. Seacom's capacity of 1.12TB/s enables South Africans to enjoy high demand services such as HDTV, peer to peer networks and internet demand. Seacom's subsea cable has multiple layers of armouring. the amount of armour depends on the depth of water, and conditions of the ocean floor in the area where the cable is situated, and other local hazards of the region.

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